Borrow money without nagging

Do you also get so tired of it, have you finally decided to take out a loan somewhere, you have to listen endlessly to the whining before finally deciding to pay the requested amount. The questionnaires are so extensive that you do not feel like it in advance.

But yes, if you still need a sum of money then you will have to bite through the sour apple. Of course, the amount of whining with a loan depends on which type of credit you are going to use, for one it is minimal and for others the questions and the additional whining do not stop. Let’s sort that out.

Mini Loan

If you are not in the mood for whining, then this loan form will make you the best and the fastest. Few questions are asked, a BKR registration is no problem and, to top it all off, payment is super fast.

Cons mini-loan

The disadvantage of borrowing a small amount with a mini loan is that you can only borrow a maximum of 1000 euros and the borrowed amount must also pay off quickly, this must also be done in one go and not in installments.

Mini loan benefits

You can also go there for a small amount from 50 euros, few difficult questions are asked, so borrowing money without hassle, bkr registration no problem, quick payment.

Revolving credit

With this credit you really have to be completely exposed, it actually comes down to providing a lot of information, not only about your income, but also about your living situation. You may also be asked to provide additional information and it may also be the case that your partner has to sign with you.

You can request from 2,500 euros and after approval you generally have the requested amount at your disposal within 2 working days. Applicants with their own house have an advantage over people who live in a rented house. Why this is a mystery remains.

Cons of revolving credit

You have to provide a lot of information. Your partner may have to sign before approval is given. You do not get the money in your account, but are made available to you via a separate account, so you can transfer money to your private account yourself.

Benefits of revolving credit

Variable interest, no fixed end of period, amount repaid once may be withdrawn. You can borrow substantial amounts up to 100,000 euros. Most popular amounts requested are 10,000 euros and 20,000 euros.

Borrow money without hassle

As you can see in the overview above, it mainly depends on your situation, if you need a relatively small amount for a short period, then you opt for a mini-credit and if you are looking for something for the longer term with possibilities for higher amounts then you opt for a continuous credit.

So there is something for everyone. Of course more credits are available, but I have discussed the two most popular ones here. Other loans are a personal loan and of course a mortgage or a second mortgage.

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