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Good Finance Bank Digital Credit Features

Good Finance Bank Digital Credit Features

In order to reduce costs in branches, Good Finance Bank applies methods to reduce the labor force in its branches. One of these is to create a Digital Credit campaign to ensure that customers can apply for loans instantly in an advantageous way. Turkey Good Lender Good Lender loans with a similar look to our Instant Credit page. Futher reading at

It is a type of loan that can be credited to your account immediately in case of applications for loans that you make on the internet or through the mobile online branch. Good Finance Bank’s digital loan features include the maturity of up to 48 months and the advantage of extending loans of up to 25,000 liras. Those who are the salary customers of the Bank can apply in any amount.

Good Finance Bank Digital Loan Interest Rates and Calculator

Good Finance Bank Digital Loan Interest Rates and Calculator

With the Bank’s Digital Credit campaign, you can install your debt up to 48 months. Interest rates vary according to the loan amount used and start at 1.24 %. The interest applied by the bank for the amount of TL 12,000 is 1,59 percent.

While this rate is at the level of 1.39% for 25 thousand TL , an interest rate of 1.24% is applied to your loan use of 75 thousand TL . Please note that insurance premiums vary according to the collateral you provide and your age.

In Good Finance Bank Digital Loan interest rate calculations, the sum of fees including taxes and insurance is calculated from insurance premiums and taxes, while the annual cost rate is calculated without the inclusion of insurance premium as it is the effective interest rate.

Therefore, you should consider these details when using the calculation tool before applying for a digital loan . The total cost in the calculation tool includes the sum of the allocation fee and the loan installments.

Required Documents and Terms for Good Finance Bank Digital Loan Application


In order to benefit from Digital Loan interest rates and instant application opportunities, compliance with the requirements of the bank and the required documents are required. Bank customers who are subject to private pension fund can apply with their identity card only by using the internet branch.

Doctors, soldiers, teachers, policemen or public employees can apply with their job ID. Wage slip, income showing document or SGK web document may be requested extra by the branch authorities. In addition, the person making the application must be citizens of the Republic of Turkey.

The Bank’s customers must have both the signature and identity card information on the system. The benefit of the campaign may vary depending on the risky situation of the customer. Lastly, those who want to take out insurance from a company other than Good Finance Bank agency should go to the nearest branch and take out loan usage transactions.

How to Apply for Good Finance Bank Digital Loan?

How to Apply for Good Finance Bank Digital Loan?

Those who wish to take advantage of Good Finance Bank’s digital credit can apply under the above documents and conditions. The easiest application channel is to use the official website of the bank. Those who wish to apply for a Digital Credit must login to the internet branch and click on the applications section.

Then, they can reach the general purpose loan section from the loan tab and send the application request. Your application is evaluated and the result is recorded in your information. Using the same section, you can find out whether this evaluation is positive or not.

The other channel that you can use for Good Finance Bank Digital Credit application is Mobile Branch. In order to apply for digital loan product instantly by using the Bank’s mobile branch; Good Finance Mobile login> Applications> Loan Application.

When your evaluation application gives a positive result, you must complete your loan usage process using the Applications menu from both channels. You also do not need to go to the branch to sign a contract. You can approve your final approved loan contracts from your mobile or internet branch.

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